Katherine Paquette - Realtor/Eagles Landing Estates

After launching her real estate career in the bustling city of Chicago, Katherine chose to be in SWFL to be close to the two things she loves most: her family and the beach. Her grandparents expanded the family business to Fort Myers in the mid-90’s and her frequent visits have grown her appreciation for the people, lifestyle and beautiful sunsets that make living here so amazing. After marrying her husband, Jon, on the beach in Sanibel in 2014 and the birth of her precious daughter, Ava, in 2015, it was the right time to follow her dream of living in SWFL.

Being part of the family business developed Katherine’s work ethic early on in life, and her drive and determination have carried her forward ever since. She began from leasing apartments at the flagship store of the industry-leading agency in Chicago and in less than five years was promoted four times through management all the way up to District Manager. Through that experience, she has worked with new construction, high-rises, multi-family buildings, single-family homes and apartment complexes. She is excited at the opportunity to put all that knowledge to use in SWFL. She has worked with hundreds of people and still cherishes the moment that her clients get to walk through the front door of their new home. She has consistently gone the extra mile to provide the best possible customer service she can provide for her clients, and her passion and dedication clearly show she loves what she does.

Lee & Collier County Office
1222 SE 47th St Suite 330, Cape Coral, Florida, 33904

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