Vincenza Olson - Realtor

I am passionate about living the good life! In my career as a Realtor, I have the pleasure of helping people find their dream home. I love it! My passion for home decor and remodeling makes me a natural born Realtor! There is nothing more exciting than seeing a new homeowner get the keys to their dream.

With 25 plus years of sales experience, I consider myself to understand the ups and downs of products and markets, whether it be a home or a car. Understanding that it's a big purchase makes me very empathetic to my clients. I pride myself on good customer care and will provide all that is needed to achieve that goal. When working with me, you will see my passion in all areas of my life come shining through.

#Passionate about living the good life!!

Lee & Collier County Office
1222 SE 47th St Suite 330, Cape Coral, Florida, 33904

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