Zach Kidd - Realtor, LCAM

I'm a U.S. Air Force Veteran, and I love helping Active Duty military members and other Veterans improve their lives through real estate.

I'm also a life-long local resident & beach enthusiast (okay, beach bum), giving me an intimate knowledge of all things beach & waterfront.

My social missions are directly tied to my life's passions. I endorse, participate, or contribute to Veterans, Animal Rescue, and Clean Beaches and Oceans programs.

I'm effective, but also casual, laid-back, and easy-going. I speak fluent motivational quotes. I love my family and my 4 rescue dogs, all things beach & ocean, motorcycles, astronomy, sci-fi or most things geeky, and music is a must in my life.

I'm not a "salesman", although I do have that skill set. I view my role as a professional adviser, and I take that role very seriously. My services should either save you money or make you money, well above what I charge. If I can't deliver more value than I'm paid for, I will tell you.

My job, my passion, is helping you make the right decision for your situation, and to put you on the path to success in real estate. Every bit of content I produce is centered on providing you with useful & actionable information and strategies.

The decisions are ultimately yours.

St. Pete/Tampa Office
6675 38th Ave North Suite 104, St. Petersburg, Fl, 33710

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