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The Comeback of the Trailer.

For centuries, trailer parks have been looked upon as nothing more than an undesirable place to live. It's been labeled as where the poor, crime, drugs, and violence lurk, whether this is actually true or not. But as the housing affordability gap continues to broaden and the middle class continues to shrink, trailers are becoming increasingly popular.   Investors have started to catch on to this trend and are welcoming the thought of re-branding the trailer park with open arms. Instead of "trailer parks"---"mobile home communities". Investors are snatching the old parks up and remodeling them into attractive communities again.    

The larger idea is to purchase old run down trailer parks and build them up into

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Today, I want to talk to you about happiness, joy, and success.

Everybody wants happiness,  but happiness really is an emotional response to a particular outcome.

If I make this sale, I’ll be happy

If I don’t, I won’t

It’s a cause and effect, quid pro quo

And we cannot sustain it,  because we immediately raise it,  every time we attain it.

Happiness requires a certain outcome – it is absolutely results driven.

But JOY on the other hand….


JOY is the feeling that we have from doing what we’re fashioned to – no matter the outcome.

Don’t need that contract or closing.

Don’t need the recognition.

Don’t need the respect of your peers.


ENJOY what you do.

ENJOY selling real estate.

ENJOY being kind and

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House Fires Spread 600% Faster Than 40 Years Ago. This Gadget Might be the Key to Stopping Yours From Going up in Flames.

We love the newest gadgets that pop up but this one in particular could just save your life. According to the National Institute of Standards and Technology, house fires actually spread 600% faster today than they did 40 years prior. Can you believe that? It's true. Due to the materials we make the homes out of and our furniture, homes are at a higher risk than ever before of going up in flames. 

Introducing, Life Door. Life Door is a gadget that you attach to the hinge of your door. When the sound of a fire alarm goes off it actually triggers the gadget and it will automatically shut your door. You might think this sounds crazy.

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Find the Right Furniture for Your New House

If you recently bought a house, you likely will need to purchase chairs, couches and other furniture for your residence. Luckily, we're here to help you streamline the process of discovering the right furniture, at the right price.

Now, let's take a look at three tips to help you find the right furniture for your residence.

1. Consider the Size of Your Home

Take close measurements of your house before you purchase any furniture – you'll be glad you did. Because if you fail to measure properly, you risk buying furniture that might not fit inside your house.

Also, it is important to account for the weight of furniture. If you consider the weight of furniture prior to purchase, you can ensure

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I'll Be Home for Christmas

With only four days remaining until Christmas, everyone rushes to add the finishing touches to their home. Blow up snowmen are in the front yard, the tree is decorated, and the fridge is being stocked with items for the feast to come. Beauty surrounds us with sparkling garland, strings of lights, and in some places, blankets of snow. The holidays are a magical time of year. It's the one time that we get to leave the real world and be encompassed by the warmth of our family and home. Whatever your traditions and beliefs are for this time of year, we all have our version of being "home for the Holidays". 

To this very day whenever I head home for the Holidays I feel this sense of relief and excitement. As a kid, I

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Stop By Our Open Houses This Week!

3407 SW 26th Place, Cape Coral:

12/16 11am-2pm with Vincenza

12/17 12pm-3pm with Allen

2636 Somerville Loop #1604, Cape Coral:

12/16 12pm-3pm with Allen 

1507 NW 26th Pl, Cape Coral 

12/16 12pm-3pm with Eva

1302 SE 13th Ter, Cape Coral 

12/17 12pm-3pm with Eva

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The Reserve at Sombrero Beach is a private and gated enclave of 10 homes in Marathon, Fl. Be the first to purchase these 5 bedrooms, 5 bath, 1 car garage homes with a private pool and private boat dock at the Pre-Construction Pricing available until January 1, 2018! Each homes has open water views and boat docks as big as 75 feet!  With over 2,500 sq ft under air and 4,000 sq ft total, these are one of a kind units in the Florida Keys! Tired of not being able to find a nice, updated, elegant property in the Florida Keys? Then look no further, The Reserve at Sombrero Beach is the answer. 

To Save $50,000 before January 1, 2018, click here now! 


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Home Decor Trends To Try This Holiday Season 

It's officially acceptable to start decorating your house for the Holiday season and get those Christmas carols in full swing. Whether you're a minimalist or one of those that goes all out, we've got some trends to help spark some inspiration for your decorations this year. 

1. Naked Greenery. 

This season is all about the earthy greenery. Wreaths, garland, dinner place settings, you name it. You'll find beauty is the simplicity of the greenery without all the other embellishments. Bring out the bay leaves and pines. 

2. Blush Accents.

We're seeing more and more people trading in the bold red for a much more natural blush as their accent color this season. 

3. String Lights.

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What You Learn When Moving to Florida

When I told my friends and family I was moving to Florida I heard the same two things over and over. "Beware of alligators" and "Lucky, you'll get to go to the beach every day!" I've been living in Florida close to three years now and I have yet to see an alligator in the wild, and I far from go to the beach every day. But I have learned a few things along the way that I would have never expected to have had to learn. 

1. 78 degrees is perfect.

Up North, during Summer, everyone kept their thermostats set to 72 degrees. Even then sometimes you'd sneak past your mom and crank the AC to 68. In Florida, it's HOT. And I mean hot. So walking from 500 degrees F outside, to a non-muggy, 78 degree home, it feels

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The Only Strategy Worth Making If You Want To Be A Successful Realtor

You just reached your goal of putting 3 homes under contract this month. What do you do next? It is at this time that you ask your mentor for the next step and they tell you to start working at getting the next 3 homes under contract! What? You mean you can't take time off and enjoy the success of reaching your goal? The truth is, as annoying as sometimes it may be, the best marketing you can do for your business is to keep making the next move. It's true. Gaining even more happy clients is the best way to market yourself and become successful. 

Use your momentum. Keep sitting those Open Houses and calling your lead list. Work your pipeline and eventually you will have built a

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