November 2016

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Please stop by and see this beautiful Laguna Lakes home!

8487 Laurel Lakes Cv Naples, FL Sat, 12/03/16 11am - 2pm Jim Robertson 216039395
8487 Laurel Lakes Cv Naples, FL Sun, 12/04/16 12-3pm Shannon Martello 216039395

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December 3rd & 4th, 2016 Open Houses Lee Co.    
Address Date Time Hosting Agent MLS
404 SE 21st St. Cape Coral Sat, 12/03/16 2-5pm John Ledley 216068052
404 SE 21st St. Cape Coral Sun, 12/04/16 2-5pm Wood Casimir 216068052
1439 Rosegarden Rd. Cape Coral Sat, 12/03/16 11am - 2pm Katherine Paquette 216062655
1439 Rosegarden Rd. Cape Coral Sun, 12/04/16 11am - 2pm Jeff Kraemer 216062655
23 Chiquita Bl No Cape Coral, FL Sun, 12/04/16 12-3pm John Ledley 216068111
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Ever wonder what all those terms mean in Real Estate?  Well now you can, check out our Real Estate Glossary of Terms


Acceptance - The time at which an offer to purchase is accepted.  The fact that it was accepted must be relayed to the person that made an offer in order for all parties to be bound to the contract.

Ad Valorem Tax – Charged by local government, this tax is based on the value of the property, as determined by the local government authorities.

Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM) - A mortgage whose interest rate over the life of the loan is not necessarily the same as the original interest rate at the loan inception.  Rate changes may go up or down and are usually tied to an economic indicator and a time period.  The person getting

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