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Taking Advantage of the Shortage of Home Owners 

With newly released data, we now know that home ownership has hit an all time low of the century. According to the Census Bureau, home ownership has plunged to 62.9% owning vs renting, the lowest its been since 1965. Why is this happening and how can you take advantage of this? If you've been thinking about investing in real estate, now is the time.

When you rent, there is no mortgage to tie you down. Millennials are  coming to the point in their lives where they can buy a home, or continue to rent. However, surveys have shown they like to move around, deeming them the generation of movers - thus, making more since to rent. When you don't have a mortgage to pay there isn't anything keeping you in

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Janice continues to get good review after good review!

We love bragging on our realtors! Check out her latest! 

Call Janice Ward for your real estate needs - 239.910.8259, or click here to read more about her.  


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You Might Be a Realtor...

1. If you saw this picture and thought to yourself, "I need one of those."


2. When you're more lost without your cell phone than the average teenager. 

3. When you can't contain your excitement of getting a potential client when someone even mentions real estate within the city block.

4. When you're accused of making too much money. 

5. When technology is your best friend....and your worst enemy.


6. When you know somewhere out there, there's a frisbee with your face on it. 

7. When you swear you wouldn't take calls on your own wedding day.

8. When you've driven around more passengers than an Uber driver.

9. When your friend hashtags her baby's photo #3weeksold but you

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Our whole lives we’ve been taught not to talk to strangers. Right? Moms instill this in their children from an early age for fear of them getting hurt. Well, I’m here to tell you to reverse that thinking. Everybody you know was a stranger at some point and look at the relationships that have grown out of simply talking to a stranger.

This translates directly to your real estate business. The more comfortable you get talking to strangers the more you will start to see your client base flourish. You’ll gain confidence. You’ll start learning the art of conversation. You’ll grow leads and relationships. Thus, selling more houses.

Maybe you’re not a people person. You find it awkward talking to someone you don’t know. What is there to talk about

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"A road well begun is the battle half won. The important thing is to make a beginning and get under way."

Wade H. Abed LTC FIC

Wade H. Abed LTC FIC

FollowWade H. Abed LTC FIC

Business Development Manager-Florida, ‚Äčat Title Abstract Agency of America, Inc. A Shapiro Law Group Company.

Soren Kierkegaard (1813-1855) Danish philosopher and writer

The Winner Has Momentum

It is vitally important for salespeople to establish momentum. It's like starting a locomotive. It takes 238 pounds of pressure to get a locomotive started. It only takes 33 pounds to keep the locomotive traveling once it has gained full speed. But if the locomotive stops, it takes 238 pounds of pressure to get it started again.

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What Makes a Realtor a good Realtor:

Education vs. Dedication


In my years in the real estate business, both as a consumer and as a professional, I’ve come to realize that the most important element is dedication.

Many large national firms bring on new agents and after weeks of classroom training, and then testing to get their license, they are put back in the classroom. They are required to get sign offs on attendance for classes to be able to hold an open house, or to make calls. Sometimes for six weeks; sometimes for six months.

Let me tell you this future agents and future consumers: You will never find the perfect house for anyone in a classroom.

Let’s get real – what they teach you in real estate school is the law. What

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We've got tons of Open Houses for you to tour this week. Come out and visit us! 

Friday, May 5th:

11am- 3pm: 1908 SW 26th Street, Cape Coral - with Marcella Dixon

11am-3pm: 1837 SW 45th Street, Cape Coral- with Jon and Katherine Paquette

11am-3pm: 13470 Seaside Harbour, North Fort Myers - with Michelle Bartolomucci

1pm-4pm: 1731 SW 30th Street, Cape Coral - with Amanda Leigh


Saturday, May 6th:

11am-3pm: 1908 SW 26th Street, Cape Coral - with Wood Casimir 

11am-3pm: 1731 SW 30th Street, Cape Coral - with Eva Burd

11am-3pm: 2636 Somerville Loop #1604, Cape Coral - with Lisa Baez

11am-5pm: 1837 SW 45th Street, Cape Coral - with Jon & Katherine Paquette

12pm-3pm: 406 SE 12th Ct., Cape Coral - with Amanda Leigh


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Coming soon to the market - a single family home in East Orlando.

18503 1st Ave, Orlando, FL 32820

3 beds / 2 baths 

1287 sq. ft

Very convenient location with easy access to downtown Orlando and Cocoa Beach!

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With nation wide housing shortages, and an increase in builders buying permits, it's safe to say that new construction has dipped in and is on the way to saving the day.

More and more people are wanting to own their own home, but it's becoming difficult to find the perfect home when there aren't tons of homes on the market like there used to be. The solution? New Construction. We've seen a 3.6% increase in secured permits from February to March, which is usually a good indication of how many homes we will be seeing built, according to the seasonally adjusted numbers in the latest residential sales report jointly released by the U.S. Census Bureau and U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

 "It’s good news, confirming that new

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