2018 Broker of the Year

2018 Broker of the Year

What makes a good broker? Well, let me tell you from experience because we can officially say that we've got the "Broker of the Year" without sounding like bragging...it's just fact. He has a plaque to prove it! Now before I go on, I have to admit that he does not know I'm writing this. THUS, read it and read it quickly because it might have to be taken down haha. 

What makes Jacob Meyer the BEST broker?

1: Jacob (Jake) is literally always on his phone. Ask his wife. Ask his kids. Ask his in-house marketing girl (me). He is. Why is this important? Because he's always on his phone saving his realtors' deals, giving them advice, direction, strategizing. This is who he is. He lives for his brokerage. He genuinely wants every single one of his realtors to succeed, and not for his own gain, but for theirs. So he makes sure he is readily available when they need him.

2: He doesn't take leads. He will do a few deals here and there when it's family and friends (just because they INSIST on him being the one to sell their homes) but will not take leads from his realtors. I've even seen him get a referral and he's deferred it to one of his agents. Again, because he wants them to succeed. He is a non-competing broker. 

3: He's involved the community. You always want a broker that is actually out doing things in the community. It's two-fold. One, because he's out representing you and getting your brokerage name out there. When there is brand recognition, leads come effortlessly. Two, because he knows what the heck is going on in the community that YOU'RE trying to sell homes in. He's got a load of knowledge because of this. He is willing and able to give you all the advice you need because he truly knows this market. 

4: He charges zero fees. You heard me. None. No desk fees. No transaction fees. No printing fees. Literally, no fees. Sold! 

I'm not even a realtor and I'm sold. Are you sold? These are all things you want from a broker. Someone who will help you succeed. If you are interested in changing brokerages, or are a new realtor looking for the perfect place, call Jacob. He will set you up for success! 239-333-0030. 



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