January 2019

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New Construction Home for Sale in The Florida Keys - Professional Designed by Christopher Elwell

In a place renowned for its luxurious vacation homes, the developers of The Reserve at Sombrero Beach have upped the ante by requesting the services of esteemed designer, Christopher Elwell, owner of Royal Furniture and Design.

With his extensive background dating back to 1990, Elwell has designed, remodeled, and repositioned thousands of homes throughout the Florida Keys, Key West and the country.  Known for his can-do attitude and amazing attention to detail, Christopher has been a long sought-after designer for owners looking for a visionary’s touch. 

 Mr. Elwell was tasked with not only the interior design, but identifying “the vision” for the

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3 Ways to Make Your Home Minimalist

By Stefanie Gruber of The New Home Spot

Creating a minimalist home does not mean throwing everything away and living in a bland space with no personality. In fact — I’d argue it is the exact opposite. By implementing a minimalist-style into your home’s space you are getting rid of the things that don’t matter and creating more space for the things that do.

Below are three ideas I’d suggest to anyone trying to establish minimalism at home.

1. Declutter

You know what they say — out with in the old in with the meaningful. One room at a time, eliminate the things that have no purpose anymore. Donate old books and clothes and declutter the draws you’ve been avoiding since you moved in to your new home.

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2018 Broker of the Year

What makes a good broker? Well, let me tell you from experience because we can officially say that we've got the "Broker of the Year" without sounding like bragging...it's just fact. He has a plaque to prove it! Now before I go on, I have to admit that he does not know I'm writing this. THUS, read it and read it quickly because it might have to be taken down haha. 

What makes Jacob Meyer the BEST broker?

1: Jacob (Jake) is literally always on his phone. Ask his wife. Ask his kids. Ask his in-house marketing girl (me). He is. Why is this important? Because he's always on his phone saving his realtors' deals, giving them advice, direction, strategizing. This is who he is. He lives for his brokerage. He genuinely wants

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Should the Home Buyer get an Inspection?

Congratulations! You’ve found the perfect home with everything you’ve ever wanted and more. While it might be tempting to skip the home inspection as everything looks more than ideal from your point of view, my advice as a real estate agent would be to do the inspection. It will save you more money (and time) in the future.

Think about it this way — when you rent a car, the car rental company usually asks that you do a walk-around the car to see if there are any dings or scratches so you are not held accountable for them when you return the car. This same practice applies to the home buying and selling process, however this inspection costs an extra $200-$400 and is always accompanied by a professional

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