"Don't talk to strangers", she said. "It's not safe", she said.

Our whole lives we’ve been taught not to talk to strangers. Right? Moms instill this in their children from an early age for fear of them getting hurt. Well, I’m here to tell you to reverse that thinking. Everybody you know was a stranger at some point and look at the relationships that have grown out of simply talking to a stranger.

This translates directly to your real estate business. The more comfortable you get talking to strangers the more you will start to see your client base flourish. You’ll gain confidence. You’ll start learning the art of conversation. You’ll grow leads and relationships. Thus, selling more houses.

Maybe you’re not a people person. You find it awkward talking to someone you don’t know. What is there to talk about anyway? The answer: everything! The limitations of what there is to talk about is endless. You’ve never had a conversation with this person, so you can literally talk about anything.

Start with a hello. See where it takes you.

Find out what you have in common. You’re in the same place at the same time, so you must have something in common.

Ask an opinion. People are full of opinions just waiting for someone to ask. If you’re at the grocery store picking out produce next to someone, ask if this is a good place for produce or if it’s a good time to buy tomatoes. Anything to get that conversation started.

Compliment someone. They say that people forget what you do, they forget what you say, but they never forget how you make them feel. If you like someone’s purse, hair, shoes, etc., tell them! You will put in the ground work in building relationships, then next thing you know you have 8 other clients from this one person (Word of Mouth) because they love the way you make them feel. All this because you started a simple conversation.

It’s not safe to talk to strangers? The truth is, it’s not safe for your business if you DON’T talk to strangers. The truth is, if you don’t get out there and out of your comfort zone, you will never find what you’re looking for. Remember what it was like to say those first words to your husband/wife or best friend? What may have seemed a bit awkward has turned into this great relationship. Quit limiting yourself. Go build those long-term relationships with potential clients. Get to know them and make them feel important. You and your real estate business won’t regret it.  

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