Education vs. Dedication

What Makes a Realtor a good Realtor:

Education vs. Dedication


In my years in the real estate business, both as a consumer and as a professional, I’ve come to realize that the most important element is dedication.

Many large national firms bring on new agents and after weeks of classroom training, and then testing to get their license, they are put back in the classroom. They are required to get sign offs on attendance for classes to be able to hold an open house, or to make calls. Sometimes for six weeks; sometimes for six months.

Let me tell you this future agents and future consumers: You will never find the perfect house for anyone in a classroom.

Let’s get real – what they teach you in real estate school is the law. What they do not teach you is how to help someone in buying or selling a home. That is why for agents, choosing the environment at a brokerage where you will thrive, is so important. For a consumer, it is just as important to select an agent that has the specialized service skillset and dedication that you are looking for, working for a brokerage with a vibe that resonates with you.

This is a very personal, life-changing task and it is not formulaic, but must be tailored to your customer’s needs.

You do need to keep getting educated, but if you’ve never shown a house, you’ll never sell one and most certainly, you won’t know the questions to ask your customers to get them to what they want – their house sold or a new house.

Do not misunderstand me: I am a huge advocate of education and am currently working on a certification of my own. But this should not be at the expense of real action and real world experience in real estate. My philosophy is such that you need a team of mentors – your manager or broker or a senior agent, but most importantly, you need to get in front of consumers.

For new agents especially, it is important to keep talking to potential customers, to learn how to ask and answer their questions. Learn your job on the job. Find your own voice.

For Realtors, new and seasoned, my door is always open for questions about why how I help you grow is different.

For consumers, my door is always open to help you evaluate how to find the right real estate professional to help you, someone who will be truly dedicated to you.

Lisa Baez is the Sales Manager for Lee County.

Cell: 305-985-3280 or Office: 239-333-0030

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