How to Write an Effective Bio for Real Estate

No one likes to write their own biography. Why? Because there's just something about writing about ourselves that feels uncomfortable. What if I under sell myself? What if I come off as arrogant? Where do I even begin? These are questions all new real estate agents wonder when sitting down to write their first bio. Fortunately and unfortunately, biographies are an important tool when making an impression to potential clients, so you have to overcome the fear of writing it. We're here to help you get started and share some tips to creating a strong, effective real estate biography. Remember to keep in mind, you are selling yourself here. They want someone they can trust, someone who is professional (don't be afraid to sprinkle your personality in the mix), and really, someone they just simply like. 

How to write a Real Estate Bio:

1. Make a list. Start with writing down a list of accomplishments and things you want your clients to know about you. This doesn't mean listing that you won the spelling bee two years in a row in high school. This is a specialized list to show you have the skill to sell houses for sale and insure smooth transactions. Make is applicable to real estate. This will serve as a place to jot all your thoughts and ideas before you start writing your story. 

2. Keep it short and sweetMost people don't have time, or want to take the time, to read your three page bio. Keep it short. Really highlight the key points. Hone in on what makes you different, your passions, and keep it to about a minute read. 

3. Find a balance. There are going to be two types of people you're speaking two. There's the analytical, number-driven type people, and then there are the emotionally-driven type. You want to market to both. Find that balance of inserting numbers and statistics but also including the great customer care you offer. If you are a new real estate agent, really sell the fact that you are passionate about getting families in to homes (or whatever you are passionate about) and then balance it by using stats from your brokerage since you won't have any yet. 

4. Show yourself. What made you want to become a real estate agent? What is your background? Show people not only who you are as a business person, but who you are outside of business, as well. Remember to make sure to write this in the third person using words like "he/she" instead of "I". If you want to show personality in a different way, you can always quote yourself. 

5. Check and double check. This might sound like a no-brainer but you must check your bio for mistakes. Once you've read it, hand it to someone you trust to have them double check spelling and grammar mistakes you may have missed. 

6. Get creative. Biographies don't always have to be written. Make a video, instead, to show how tech savvy you are. Just make sure it looks professional and not like it was shot in your mom's basement. 

Now you've got a direction to go when writing your real estate biography. At the end of the day, the client wants to know what you can do for them. Make sure to keep that in mind! 

If you have any tips for writing an effective real estate biography that we missed, comment below to share your tips! 

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