Why Purchasing in the Florida Keys is a Smart Move

If you’ve ever been to the Florida Keys, we know you’ve already pictured the life of relaxation and living care-free. You’ve pictured the sun soaking in to your skin, the sounds of the ocean, and breeze flowing past your face day after day.

Ok, so you’ve pictured it and you want it. What’s the hold up? Why is it not a reality? While it may seem unattainable, we’ll show you why moving to the Florida Keys is actually a smarter move than you may think.

  1. Moving to the Florida Keys doesn't have to mean full time. You can purchase a second home that can pay for itself and generate income. If you're not looking to stay on the islands year-round, renting your home to vacationers might be for you. The Florida Keys have always been a big vacation spot, so the location for a second home couldn't be better.
  2. The Keys sport many waterfront properties (Our favorites are from Anglers at Sombrero, in Marathon). Waterfront properties become a smart investment when it comes time to sell or rent. They have a history of 1:being in demand, and 2: holding their property value. Waterfront properties are always a hit for renters, so finding a tenant won't be difficult. 
  3. Marathon, FL offers tax advantages for those who'd like to relocate their business to the island. This is great if you want to make the Florida Keys your full-time home location. They have some of the lowest tax rates, which only add to the attractiveness. With low crime rates and short commutes to work (after all, time is money), Marathon makes the Florida Keys a place that is perfect for those who aren't ready to retire yet. - "I moved from Oregon to Marathon because of the quality of life, friendly business-climate, and opportunity to grow my business. Since relocating I have expanded my business and could not be more pleased! - a testimony from relocatetothefloridakeys.com
  4. The quality of life is unsurpassed. The sunsets, the weather, beaches, snorkeling, kayaking, biking, fishing...it's all part of what makes the Florida Keys life THE life everyone dreams of. 
There's a reason the Florida Keys is where everyone dreams of vacations and retirement. Purchase your property now. And if you're not ready to move yet, rent it out. You'll be happy you did. 




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