We Bring the Leads….You Bring the Love. By Lisa Baez

If you are a newly licensed real estate agent in SW Florida, and not quite sure where to start, then give The New Home Spot a call today. We are an energetic and motivated real estate team! We want to add dynamic, ambitious agents to our team in order to handle the amount of business we have coming in every single month. Be part of our team.

My Story:

I had just gotten my license and moved to the area. After meeting with several brokers in the area, I decided to go with a “big box” type of agency for the brand recognition. They promised the world:  training, mentoring, leads, etc. Here’s what I got:  training on video, some local mandatory meetings, required desk time, and a broker who had a…

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Five Things to do before Shopping for a House

By Lisa Baez, The New Home Spot

The Pain Reduction Checklist

Years before I became a real estate professional, I’d already been on both sides of the transaction table. I know how deeply troubling, how deeply immersive and how deeply frustrating this process is for most home buyers. The facts are that it is usually the biggest purchase of your life and the most used product you will ever buy. The immense amount of papers will weigh you down if you think about it! You want to get it right!

I’ve prepared five items that if you can sit down and do before you begin your search, that will make the process just a little less painful.

  1. Know and like your REALTOR® – This may seem like a “Duh, Lisa!”…

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