We've got tons of Open Houses for you to tour this week. Come out and visit us! 

Wednesday, April 26th:

11am- 2pm: 1908 SW 26th Street, Cape Coral - with Michelle Bartolomucci

11am-2pm: 1731 SW 30th Street, Cape Coral- with John Ledley

11am-4pm: 901 NW 8th Ter, Cape Coral- with Alex Drum-Baez

11am-2pm: 1908 SW 26th St, Cape Coral- with Michelle Bartolomucci

Thursday, April 27th:

3pm-6pm: 4347 SW 25th St, Cape Coral- with Alex Drum-Baez 

Friday, April 28th:

11am-2pm: 1908 SW 26th St, Cape Coral- with Amanda Leigh

11am-5pm: 1837 SW 45th, Cape Coral- with Jon and Katherine Paquette 

11am-3pm: 13470 Seaside Harbour Drive, North Fort Myers- with Marcella Dixon

11am-2pm: 1731 SW 30th St, Cape Coral- with Vincenza Olson

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There are so many realtors out there in the world. There are so many realtors out there in your AREA. So the big questions is, how do you find the right one? How can you sift through the hundreds upon hundreds of realtors that claim to have your interest at the foreground?

Let me tell you something about what I've learned since I've been working in the real estate world. Realtors are business people. So, yes, they care about numbers and money. Who can honestly say that they don't? You'd be lying if you did. The cats out of the bag, people. Realtors do care about getting paid, but that's not the only part to them. Realtors put a lot of time and effort in to finding you the perfect home/rental/investment, or selling your beloved home.

It's often…

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