Home Trends for 2017

We've noticed some trends that have made it to 2017. We wanted to draft you a list so you can be trendy too! 

1. Matte appliances. The shiny days are over. We've noticed a lot of brushed metal and matte designs making their way in the kitchen. 

2. Marble. Yes, Pinterest's marbled has expanded from phone cases and stationary. It's been around for years and making a marble-ous comeback. 

3. Cerused Wood. This style shows the unique grains of the wood and is being found in more than just cabinetry.

4. Natural Jewel Tones. Deep amethyst purples, amber yellows, pastels and colors found in nature. 

5. Wood Plank Tile. Rustic meets modern.

6. Subway Tiles. They're certainly not new to the design…

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There's no doubt that relationships are important, and if you're a realtor you know that especially. Your real estate business depends on not only the quantity of business relationships built, but more importantly, the quality of business relationships built. As a realtor you must get good at the 2-step process: build the relationship, then maintain it. There is no getting around it. We've got a few tips to help you out. 

1. Communication.

     You guessed it. Communication is the number one skill to master in real estate. The majority of complaints in real estate come from lack of communication. You must keep your clients in the know. Remember, they aren't the professional. You are. They came to you for help because they need it. So maintain…

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Living By the Water Actually has Health Benefits!

We've all felt it. You get near the ocean and you can start smelling the water, feeling the breeze, tasting the salt in the air. Then, with one deep breath you just feel better. Every stress leaves and you feel present in that moment. You watch the waves crash and the water glide up on the shore, and get lost. It's a much better feeling than getting lost in an ever-updating sea of social media, wouldn't you agree?  Science says there is a reason you feel that sort of calmness. Here's why:

  1. Relaxation. The Ocean has been proven to relax the mind and improve creative thinking. So if you've been having writers block, take a trip to sea.
  2. Activity. Living near the water encourages an active life…

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