In honor of #NationalCoffeeDay, I thought I'd write about how coffee is "life" in every aspect imaginable, even, yes, in your business. 

Coffee isn't just freshly ground heaven, it's an easy gateway to success. Here's how:

1. It builds strong relationships (no pun intended). 

I always say building relationships is the cornerstone to being a successful real estate agents and I stick by that claim. Sitting down and having coffee with a past client, existing client, future client, gives you a chance to connect on a deeper level than just business. Selling how great you are at real estate only goes so far. Sharing a laugh or talking about family and experiences  creates a life long client. It'll pay off. 

2. It creates new relationships. 

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September 10, 2017, Florida was hit with Irma, a hurricane that would forever change the lives of many. That much we know, but will it forever change the future of real estate in Florida, as well?

Irma has definitely affected real estate in a short term sense. Deals that were expected to close in September have been delayed due to the storm. However, The New Home Spot didn't see  any deals broken which is a great sign for the future. "I've seen a crazy amount of inquiries come through about our Anglers at Sombrero project located in Marathon, FL. People still want to live in paradise but they are recognizing the importance of having a home constructed to handle these types of hurricanes. Our homes in The Keys are on the water, but because we've…

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Did Building Codes Save Florida Homes?

It’s indisputable that hurricane Irma effected so many people’s lives in the worst way imaginable. While many were left with no home, others were left with missing family members. Our hearts go out to those families that were deeply affected and we are active and doing our part to help in any area that we can.

There’s a lot of Irma hype filling up our Facebook newsfeeds right now but one article stood out. made a good point in one of their blogs. Here’s a recap:

Michael and Stephany Carr live in Naples in a home built before 2002 building codes. If you know any hurricane history, you know that 3 years after those codes were mandated, Wilma ripped through Florida. Many homes were destroyed…

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Irma Strikes Marathon

This week the city of marathon and the Florida keys had a terrible hurricane come through forever changing the lives of many. After many painstaking days, we were finally able to get boots on the ground and report the status of Anglers at Sombrero to our home owners, employees, and friends. We are proud to report the homes of our customers performed exceptionally.

The developer, the residents, employees and everyone else involved with Anglers at Sombrero would also like to send a Very special thank you to the many local officials, law enforcement, national guard and so many more risking so much to make sure that everyone in marathon land on their feet and continue forging on.

We look forward to having our current home…

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