To the ladies out there: I know you've all been there when you cheap out on a haircut and you end up getting exactly what  you paid for and less of what you asked and hoped for.  I am constantly having to learn this lesson throughout time that sometimes it's worth it to just spend the extra money . This same philosophy applies to real estate. When you're faced with hiring a realtor or doing it yourself, trust me, just hire the professional. You wouldn't cut your hair yourself. So why would you sell your home yourself? 

Many might think that a Realtors job is easy. "Oh I don't need a realtor. I'll just post my home on the MLS and call it good." You think it will sell easy, right? Wrong. Do you know the current market? Do you know what price to list…

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E-mail Response Templates for Every Real Estate Client Type

As Realtors, you deal with all type of clients. You have buyers, sellers, investors, etc. Sometimes things go awry and whether it's your fault or not, dealing with an upset client can be difficult. A lot of times when you get that e-mail you don't know how to respond appropriately so it can be beneficial to have some templates set in place for when the time comes. 

Here are some e-mail templates we think you can benefit from having, but remember to change them up to fit your personality and the client. Personalization is key when sending an e-mail, especially now, when people are getting bombarded with marketing e-mails daily. The last thing you want to do is to sound scripted. 

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Get out and about this weekend and visit us at our Open Houses. Here's a list of what's going on this weekend:

Saturday, October 14:

2636 Somerville Loop #1604, Cape Coral  with Allen from 11am-2pm

4728 SW 24th Ave, Cape Coral with Vincenza from 11am-2pm

1833 SWS 45th St, Cape Coral with Katherine from 11am-2pm

227 Santa Monica Ct, Cape Coral with Eva from 11am- 2pm


Sunday, October 15:

1507 NW 26th Pl, Cape Coral with Kari from 11am - 2pm

1833 SWS 45th St, Cape Coral with Katherine from 11am-2pm

4728 SW 24th Ave, Cape Coral with Eva from 11am-2pm

11097 Nalda St, Ft. Myers with Janice from 12pm-3pm

775 Willow Pond Ln., Geneva with Josh from 1pm-3pm

2041 SE 28th St, Cape Coral with Vincenza from 1pm-4pm


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Royal Palm Coast Classic Fishing Tournanment 

$5,000 First Place Payout
$3,500 Second Place Payout
$2,000 Third Place Payout 

$100 per angler max 5 per boat 
$300 club: 80/20 payout to winning team. 

The Young Professionals Network of the Royal Palm Coast REALTOR Association invites you to join us on October 7th for the Inaugural Royal Palm Coast Classic Snook and Redfish Fishing Tournament. YPN has found that there is a great need in our community for an organization such as Valerie’s House and it is an honor for us to support it in any way we can. There is nothing of this kind in Southwest Florida to serve children on an ongoing basis and we are confident that the money raised is being put to good work, optimum use and will go to directly help the…

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Gaining a Leads Information By a Simple Change

If you've ever hosted an Open House before you know the struggles each Realtor faces to try and get people to sign in. It's no secret that people hate giving away their information, but fact of the matter is, we need that information or else you're working for free. What if I told you there was a way to get people to do what you want through using one one simple conjunction? Because I can. 

Introducing the power of the word "because". 

There's been some great research findings on using the word "because". Did you know, that people are up to 40% more likely to comply with you if you include "because"?  As a realtor, how does this apply to your life? How can we connect the findings of this…

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