Home Decor Trends To Try This Holiday Season 

It's officially acceptable to start decorating your house for the Holiday season and get those Christmas carols in full swing. Whether you're a minimalist or one of those that goes all out, we've got some trends to help spark some inspiration for your decorations this year. 

1. Naked Greenery. 

This season is all about the earthy greenery. Wreaths, garland, dinner place settings, you name it. You'll find beauty is the simplicity of the greenery without all the other embellishments. Bring out the bay leaves and pines. 

2. Blush Accents.

We're seeing more and more people trading in the bold red for a much more natural blush as their accent color this season. 

3. String Lights.

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What You Learn When Moving to Florida

When I told my friends and family I was moving to Florida I heard the same two things over and over. "Beware of alligators" and "Lucky, you'll get to go to the beach every day!" I've been living in Florida close to three years now and I have yet to see an alligator in the wild, and I far from go to the beach every day. But I have learned a few things along the way that I would have never expected to have had to learn. 

1. 78 degrees is perfect.

Up North, during Summer, everyone kept their thermostats set to 72 degrees. Even then sometimes you'd sneak past your mom and crank the AC to 68. In Florida, it's HOT. And I mean hot. So walking from 500 degrees F outside, to a non-muggy, 78 degree home, it feels…

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The Only Strategy Worth Making If You Want To Be A Successful Realtor

You just reached your goal of putting 3 homes under contract this month. What do you do next? It is at this time that you ask your mentor for the next step and they tell you to start working at getting the next 3 homes under contract! What? You mean you can't take time off and enjoy the success of reaching your goal? The truth is, as annoying as sometimes it may be, the best marketing you can do for your business is to keep making the next move. It's true. Gaining even more happy clients is the best way to market yourself and become successful. 

Use your momentum. Keep sitting those Open Houses and calling your lead list. Work your pipeline and eventually you will have built a…

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  We've been busy in The Keys this year. Anglers at Sombrero just released their new single family homes and are down to two Villas left. Having survived Irma without any damage, they've been selling quick! New construction homes in The Keys are a hot commodity right now. Aside from that, the developers of Anglers at Sombrero have just released the newest community in Marathon, FL!  Without further ado, we introduce to you, The Reserve at Sombrero Beach.     The Reserve at Sombrero Beach offers the most exquisite homes, in the most exclusive neighborhood built by the most exceptional developer. These homes are engineered to 180 mph wind ratings and reflect the perfect blend of structure and design. Rest easy knowing your family is safe…

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The most successful Realtors always have multiple clients at one time.  Let's all agree that juggling 10 clients can be difficult if you aren't properly handling your time  and don't have habits set in place. Being a great Realtor takes time. And time is money. So how can you maximize your productivity to make sure you stay on top of things? 

Here are some great tips to get you started. 

1. Go digital. 

       Technology is your friend. There are so many great apps and calendars and tools out there to help you manage your time. A great         one is E-Sign. For the times that you can't meet your client face-to-face, E-sign can be your best friend. The digital world is here             to help you, not to…

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