Knowing The Threats of Hurricanes: For Those Moving To Florida

If you're thinking of moving to Florida, chances are, you've had a few family members or friends warn you of the dangers of hurricanes....we know. Those of you moving from the north, first of all, great choice; paradise awaits. Second of all , you know how it is when it snows. If you're from a place where it snows all the time, your city is prepared and knows how to handle the situation. Hurricanes are a bit the same to an extent. If you are prepared, the damages are lessened, and if you aren't, well, let's just focus on the positives. In order to know how to be prepared, you'll need to know the actual dangers that are involved with hurricanes. Knowledge is power. 

What is a…

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How Realtors Actually Save You Money

There's a few misconceptions out there revolving around paying realtors and we're here to educate and excite you about the savings they can actually bring! Many people (mistakingly) think that they shouldn't pay a realtor for something they can just do themselves. They gripe about the realtor's small commission thinking it's a waste of money, but the reality is, when you hire a qualified realtor, the savings you'll gain are far more than any commission you'll pay. The fact of the matter is, buying or selling your home is stressful, time consuming, and can get very expensive if you don't have the right help. Here's some enlightenment into how realtors save you money in the end:

1. They have a team ready to…

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Curb Appeal Changes That Can Make You Money

Before putting your home up for sale, there are changes that can be made that are actually worth it when you go to sell your home. Here is a list of curb appeal changes that can actually end up making you more money than they cost you!

1. Update your mailbox 

Mailboxes are likely the first thing that people see when pulling up to your house. You want to make sure it is in good condition so it can make a good first impression for your home. This is one of the cheapest items to replace, if needed, and sometimes will only take a coat of spray paint that can cost as low at $2-3 to bring it back to life. Looking for cheap ways to upgrade your home? This is an easy fit. 

2. Power-wash


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Top Waterfront Restaurants in Cape Coral You Have To Try

One of the best things about Florida is the weather and one of the best parts of Cape Coral, FL, is the amount of waterfront property. It makes sense that while in Cape Coral, Fl you want to take advantage of the weather and the views at the same time when making your restaurant choices. Because of that, we've come up with a list of the top waterfront restaurants in Cape Coral! Check it out. 

1. The Boat House

The Boat House is the go-to waterfront restaurant in Cape Coral if you're looking for a fun outdoor, tiki-style place that's completely outdoor seating. It's got the only beach in Cape Coral, and is right next to the Yacht club. Arguably, it has one of the best views for…

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