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Sometimes, we become complacent too easily. We fail to find the beauty and the appreciation for our community and all of nature’s bounty that surrounds you. This is just my acknowledgement of the same, and a moment of trying to reverse that.

And this is true, even when you live where people vacation! Living in The Keys can take your breath away, just driving to a dentist appointment, which for me requires traversing the magnificent 7 mile bridge. We all just need to appreciate more. We live in a beautiful place and most people who visit are realizing a dream of doing so, who visit often because they are so in love with it, or they decided to visit and are shocked at the sheer beauty of this place. Oh, and it is fishing heaven.

This photo was taken…

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Please Stop by and see these newly listed stunning homes this weekend!

257 Sombrero Beach Rd. #1 & 2  - Open Saturday 10/23/2021 Noon - 2pm, Sunday 10/24/2021 11am - 1pm

4 bed + 3 bath with Pool and Dock!

See the full listing here: 257 Sombrero Beach Rd


126 Mockingbird Lane  - Open Saturday 10/23/2021 Noon - 2pm, Sunday 10/24/2021 Noon - 2pm

3 Bed with 4 baths including mother in law suite with full kitchen and private entrance, pool, dock, lift!

See the full listing here: 126 Mockingbird Lane


11890 1st Ave Gulf #2 - Open Sunday 10/24/2021 1:30-3:30pm - Great Investor property!

5 beds + 4 baths, Pool, dock

Check out the full listing here: The Tides at Vaca


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Introducing a well-appointed, move in ready waterfront home with spectacular water access, dock, and fully turnkey. Enjoy your expansive deck on a quiet street, and invite your friends – it has parking for 6 vehicles and a boat! Zip down the spiral staircase to catch some fish on your private dock, better yet, take your boat out. With 3 bedrooms and two baths, all newly painted, inside and out, this house is ready to be your private haven or a great investment. This residence is eligible for the 7-day weekly rental. The house is meticulously furnished with lovely details and coastal decor throughout, and includes newly installed impact resistant side windows and sliders. Enjoy the new dock shower, brand new AC, outdoor storage for your…

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Pre-Construction pricing starting at $2.5mil, these SEVEN Estate homes will bring a unique design and enjoyment to the seaside community of Marathon. Come live in Grandeur!

Please inquire today to get on our exclusive distribution list to be the first to own the most exquisite estate homes Marathon has ever seen.


More Details soon!


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Breathtaking Views of Florida That Are The Perfect End To Your Day

Florida is absolutely gorgeous! The views of the ocean, the wildlife, and best of all, the sunsets. Mother Nature sure knew what she was doing when she created those masterpieces, because the colors alone are enough to make you move here. One of the most consistently beautiful sunsets that we've found are in Marathon, Fl in the Florida Keys. We've compiled a few photos that just might be the perfect end to your day. 

Do you have any breathtaking sunset photos you'd like to share? Comment below! 

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Top Farmers Markets to Visit in Cape Coral, Florida

Looking for Fresh Produce and Local Crafts in the Cape Coral area? We've got the best spots to find them at. Add these to your list of places to check out soon! You're sure to love them as much as we do. Here is a list of the top farmers markets in Cape Coral. 

Cape Coral Farmers Market at Cape Harbour

This Farmers Market runs from May - September on Saturdays, 8:00am-1:00pm. It is located in one of Cape Corals best destinations for shopping & dining. Vendors provide the freshest produce, homemade soaps, pickles, breads, guacamole, meats, dog treats and more! Then step inside The French Press nearby and grab a cone of delicious house made artisan gelato, a Norman love chocolate,  and an…

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What You Learn When Moving to Florida

When I told my friends and family I was moving to Florida I heard the same two things over and over. "Beware of alligators" and "Lucky, you'll get to go to the beach every day!" I've been living in Florida close to three years now and I have yet to see an alligator in the wild, and I far from go to the beach every day. But I have learned a few things along the way that I would have never expected to have had to learn. 

1. 78 degrees is perfect.

Up North, during Summer, everyone kept their thermostats set to 72 degrees. Even then sometimes you'd sneak past your mom and crank the AC to 68. In Florida, it's HOT. And I mean hot. So walking from 500 degrees F outside, to a non-muggy, 78 degree home, it feels…

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September 10, 2017, Florida was hit with Irma, a hurricane that would forever change the lives of many. That much we know, but will it forever change the future of real estate in Florida, as well?

Irma has definitely affected real estate in a short term sense. Deals that were expected to close in September have been delayed due to the storm. However, The New Home Spot didn't see  any deals broken which is a great sign for the future. "I've seen a crazy amount of inquiries come through about our Anglers at Sombrero project located in Marathon, FL. People still want to live in paradise but they are recognizing the importance of having a home constructed to handle these types of hurricanes. Our homes in The Keys are on the water, but because we've…

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Did Building Codes Save Florida Homes?

It’s indisputable that hurricane Irma effected so many people’s lives in the worst way imaginable. While many were left with no home, others were left with missing family members. Our hearts go out to those families that were deeply affected and we are active and doing our part to help in any area that we can.

There’s a lot of Irma hype filling up our Facebook newsfeeds right now but one article stood out. made a good point in one of their blogs. Here’s a recap:

Michael and Stephany Carr live in Naples in a home built before 2002 building codes. If you know any hurricane history, you know that 3 years after those codes were mandated, Wilma ripped through Florida. Many homes were destroyed…

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Living By the Water Actually has Health Benefits!

We've all felt it. You get near the ocean and you can start smelling the water, feeling the breeze, tasting the salt in the air. Then, with one deep breath you just feel better. Every stress leaves and you feel present in that moment. You watch the waves crash and the water glide up on the shore, and get lost. It's a much better feeling than getting lost in an ever-updating sea of social media, wouldn't you agree?  Science says there is a reason you feel that sort of calmness. Here's why:

  1. Relaxation. The Ocean has been proven to relax the mind and improve creative thinking. So if you've been having writers block, take a trip to sea.
  2. Activity. Living near the water encourages an active life…

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