"A road well begun is the battle half won. The important thing is to make a beginning and get under way."

Soren Kierkegaard (1813-1855) Danish philosopher and writer

The Winner Has Momentum

It is vitally important for salespeople to establish momentum. It's like starting a locomotive. It takes 238 pounds of pressure to get a locomotive started. It only takes 33 pounds to keep the locomotive traveling once it has gained full speed. But if the locomotive stops, it takes 238 pounds of pressure to get it started again.

The same is true of salespeople. Once you get rolling, it only takes a small amount of effort to keep rolling. If you stop or have an interruption in your sales activity, it takes the same amount of discipline and effort to reestablish the momentum that it did at the very beginning. That's why it's so important for salespeople to maintain momentum. 

The key to momentum is to build a winning tradition. Most any team can get "up" to win one game, but the secret is to get "up" consistently. The same is true for professional salespeople. Those who are disciplined, focused and have a set selling strategy can get "up" for every interview. Momentum and continuous victory are predictable and dependable. 

Constantly feed your mind with success pictures. At first this will seem awkward and phony, but soon it will become genuine and natural. Remember, you become what you think about most of the time. 

Momentum comes to the salespeople who have the tenacity to stick it out when the going gets tough. When they have a job to do and see their goal clearly and take all the hard knocks in stride, they power through all problems and obstacles. 

Salespeople who have momentum seem to get all the breaks; everything seems to fall for them. As you investigate this in depth, you find that the salespeople who have momentum are making more calls, are making more presentations and their entire sales process is polished because of constant practice. 

Momentum is a must, for the winning salesperson. 


 Wade H. Abed LTA, FIC

Title & Abstract Agency of America, Inc.

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