The Real Estate business is based on one core thing: building relationships.  We've said it once and we will say it again: learn how to build and keep relationships. This is where the money is at. Unfortunately, not everyone is good at building relationships and getting people to like them. Today you're going to learn. Put these practices into your daily routine and watch the sales follow. Use this to truly maximize your growth in 2018. 

Be Nice. 

We're starting out easy - at the basics. Being nice is the number one thing you can do to make relationships and secure sales. Think of someone you know that you would describe as "nice". How does that person make you feel? Good, right? And aren't you already instantly attracted to them just because that person is nice? If you're not a naturally "nice" person, read on because knowing what makes people nice/likeable  will be your wingman when it comes to scoring clients. 

1. Give Eye Contact & Mimic Their Body Language. 

When you are talking to someone you usually make eye contact because you are talking TO that person. But how do you respond when they're talking to you? Keep eye contact and don't let distractions pull you away from the conversation. By making eye contact and sparing an occasional head nod, you show that you are engaged and that that person has your attention. You'd be surprised by how many people don't do this and end up coming across as rude, self-centered, and uninterested. 

Mimicking someone's body language is another action you can take. Usually when you mimic someone's body language it is done subconsciously. However, you can be subtle when adopting their posture and gestures to create the feeling of bonding. For example, if they lean in, try to lean in too. Don't make it too obvious, but when done right, this will leave you and your client feeling like the meeting went well.

2. Give Them The Room To Talk Firsts.

Encourage your client to tell you about themselves, their needs, etc., before you talk about yourself. There have been studies that show that when you give them the chance to talk about themselves first, neurological changes take place, leaving them more receptive to your message. Your client feeling good = a relationship = a transaction.

3. Focus on Emotional Cues, Not Yourself. 

You know you're a great realtor and you want your client to know. Sure! But do not stress this point in exchange for proper responses to emotional cues. You need to build trust by warmth and openness first. If you come in hot and heavy with how much you have done in the past when your client clearly wants to talk about the weather first, you have just lost your chance to establish any kind of trust and relationship there. It is important to let your client know what you can do for them, but it is not more important than knowing when to introduce that topic. Try taking some time to chit chat and find something you have in common. This allows you to build a foundation and a relationship that lasts. 

4. Go Above And Beyond. 

Offer help with things that won't just result in more money for you. If your client is a single older woman, help her move in. If your client is looking to renovate, help get them a quote. Things that aren't directly related to your gain not only add value to your services, but it positions you as a good-natured person that people trust. 





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