How To Prepare For Rainy Season 

Rainy season hits Florida hard. If you aren't ready for it, it can end up causing some pretty costly damages. That's why it's important to take these steps to assure you are prepared for what Mother Nature might throw at you.

1. Make Sure Your Gutters are Good To Go.

Clean your gutters out so that there is no backup that can end up causing roof damages, and double check for any holes in them that may cause water to get straight to your foundation.  This is an easy step to take in order to avoid havoc later on. 

2. Make Sure To Have Flood Insurance.

Many homeowners think they are in the clear by not being in a "flood zone". However, there are many times that flood zones still get flooded, especially in Florida.  Also, flood zones often change. Getting caught in a flood with no flood insurance is costly and a pain. Don't let it happen to you. It is our policy, at The New Home Spot, that we recommend all home owners have flood insurance for this very reason. 

3. Trim Trees and Bushes Near Your Home.

Trimming trees and bushes  can prevent branches from potentially being weighed down with water and come falling down on your roof.  

4. Check Street Drains.

If the street drains are clogged near your home, call your city and have them come fix them before they get backed up and cause more flooding. 

5. Check Where Your House Meets the Ground.

Make sure there aren't any spots that are collecting water. If there are, you may need to fill in the areas and redirect the water flow. 

6. Check Window and Door Seals.

It's important that your windows and doors seal properly in order to keep the moisture from your home. If there is a draft, consider replacing the seal. 


Protecting your home from the rain doesn't have to be a huge chore. Just take these extra persuasions to ensure your home is as safe from the outside elements as it possibly can be. Have any other suggestions that we missed? Comment below! 


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