Living By the Water Actually has Health Benefits!

We've all felt it. You get near the ocean and you can start smelling the water, feeling the breeze, tasting the salt in the air. Then, with one deep breath you just feel better. Every stress leaves and you feel present in that moment. You watch the waves crash and the water glide up on the shore, and get lost. It's a much better feeling than getting lost in an ever-updating sea of social media, wouldn't you agree?  Science says there is a reason you feel that sort of calmness. Here's why:

  1. Relaxation. The Ocean has been proven to relax the mind and improve creative thinking. So if you've been having writers block, take a trip to sea.
  2. Activity. Living near the water encourages an active life style and movement. Kayaking, beach runs, paddle-boarding, are all great ways to take advantage of the water and get physical as well.  
  3. Breathing the Salty Air. Take a deep breath.  According to Azula, "The Ocean air contains negatively charged hydrogen ions that help absorb oxygen and balance out serotonin levels, resulting in more energy and diminished depression." The deep blue can take away your blues with a couple deep breaths. How cool is that?
  4. Vitamin D. The reflection of the sun off the water and the light sand makes it easier for you to get your daily dose of Vitamin D! Juuust make sure you're wearing the appropriate SPF sunscreen (take it from me). 
  5. Swimming. Taking a swim in the salty ocean water does wonders for the body. It hydrates your skin, boosts circulation, and is great for the immune system. It has also been told that seawater rich in magnesium can help with sleep at night and relax the muscles. 

Turns out, that place you always wanted to live - by the ocean, is actually scientifically healthy for you! 


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