Gaining a Leads Information By a Simple Change

If you've ever hosted an Open House before you know the struggles each Realtor faces to try and get people to sign in. It's no secret that people hate giving away their information, but fact of the matter is, we need that information or else you're working for free. What if I told you there was a way to get people to do what you want through using one one simple conjunction? Because I can. 

Introducing the power of the word "because". 

There's been some great research findings on using the word "because". Did you know, that people are up to 40% more likely to comply with you if you include "because"?  As a realtor, how does this apply to your life? How can we connect the findings of this research  and the problems of getting lead information at Open Houses? 

Let's see. Which of the two are you more likely to comply with:

1: Hello. Welcome to my open house. Can you please sign in? 


2: Hello. Welcome to my open house. The owner requests that everyone sign in because this helps the property and visitors stay safe and secure. Would you mind signing in? 

You see, when people have a reason to give you their info, they feel more apt to do so. Plus everyone can understand the whole safety issue and it just makes sense. Try this out at your next open house and see what happens! 

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