Should You Be A Realtor: What are the Benefits?

More than 44 million people have a side hustle according to Bankrate.  The "Side Hustle" trend has become a huge part of life within the millennial group, especially, in order to save money for big moves like launching a business of their own or for a downpayment on a home. Whatever the case may be, these numbers tell us something. People are willing to hustle.  However, not all "side hustles" can provide the kind of return most are looking for, but real estate can. In fact, real estate is so customizable, that it often becomes a full time career, which is what we strive for with our agents. 

Here is why many people get into real estate, and why you should consider this your next career move. 

1. The Earning Potential is Unlimited. 

No, you may not be earning an hourly wage, but working for commission means you can earn an unlimited amount! The more homes you are out there selling, the more money you are making. The more experience you have, the more you can start going after those higher priced homes, increasing your commissions the whole way! You see? Real estate has endless opportunities. 

2. You do you. 

Want to work from 8am-5pm? Do it. Want to work from 5pm-1am? Do it. You can work whenever you want. Now, make no mistake, in order to be making the good money you'll need to set up a system and actually work, but the option to create your own hours is there! If you are a mom and want to spend time with your kids but still make money, you can do that - work from home, take your kids to school,  and still be able to work. If you are more of a money driven person, this job will work for you too. The harder you push yourself, the more you'll make. 

3. You're changing lives and meeting people.

Another benefit to working in real estate is that you get to be hands on with someone that is making a huge change in their life. Buying or selling a home is often one of the most expensive transactions in a persons life and you get to help with that! You mean  a lot to these people and a lot of realtors report becoming life long friends with their clients. This profession can be a really rewarding career choice!


So what do you do if you've decided the real estate path is for you? 

Seek out Education

The key to being a good realtor is to continue to get educated and know as much as you possibly can, so that each transaction runs smoothly. Get your real estate license and make sure that whatever school you choose is licensed in your state. 

Find the right Brokerage for you

Find what works for you. Check out what different kind of commission splits they offer, where they are located, do they have fees, do they offer education, do they have special requirements? These are all things you need to weigh in order to know which will be the best fit for you. If you are looking for a brokerage that will help you launch your career by educating and providing the tools you need to succeed, look into The New Home Spot We have zero fees and have turned many realtors into success stories by offering agents the help that most other companies don't. 

Make a plan

Sit down and figure out a schedule that works best for you. And then take action! 


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