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You Need More Than Motivation Alone

I want to get a little personal with you today. I want to know your “why”. Why are you a realtor? What drives you? What makes you get up every morning and follow up with those leads, and make new contacts?

Do you have your why? Write it down as a reference for yourself.

Ok, now that you have your why, what is your goal? Do you have one?

I want to ask you something: what are you doing to reach your goal?


We’ve all got goals that we want to achieve in our business and for most of us the path starts by setting a goal. I want to challenge your way of thinking. I’ve realized that when it comes to getting things done and actually making progress in your business, there’s a much better way of going…

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There's no doubt that relationships are important, and if you're a realtor you know that especially. Your real estate business depends on not only the quantity of business relationships built, but more importantly, the quality of business relationships built. As a realtor you must get good at the 2-step process: build the relationship, then maintain it. There is no getting around it. We've got a few tips to help you out. 

1. Communication.

     You guessed it. Communication is the number one skill to master in real estate. The majority of complaints in real estate come from lack of communication. You must keep your clients in the know. Remember, they aren't the professional. You are. They came to you for help because they need it. So maintain…

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With nation wide housing shortages, and an increase in builders buying permits, it's safe to say that new construction has dipped in and is on the way to saving the day.

More and more people are wanting to own their own home, but it's becoming difficult to find the perfect home when there aren't tons of homes on the market like there used to be. The solution? New Construction. We've seen a 3.6% increase in secured permits from February to March, which is usually a good indication of how many homes we will be seeing built, according to the seasonally adjusted numbers in the latest residential sales report jointly released by the U.S. Census Bureau and U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

 "It’s good news, confirming that new…

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Stop by and see this beautiful new construction home at 1908 SW 26th St. 

Saturday, April 1, Eva Burd will be there to greet you!

Sunday, April 2, Marcella Dixon will be there to walk you through the home! 

But don't stop there! If you're busy on the weekend or simply just tired from the week before and don't want to get out of the house, we understand. We've got you covered. Monday, April 3, John Ledley will be showing the house. Tuesday, April 4, Amanda Leigh will be available to show the home. Thursday, April 6, Eva will be there again. Friday, April 7, Wood Casimir will host the open house. 

Don't wait to see the home, though. Stop in today! 

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We live in a world of technology. Full of tools and ways to help grow our business.  Which is great! .....Unless you know nothing about it. That can be a problem, right? We all have had those times were we are just stumped because, let's face is, to most of us, a foreign language that we tried to learn too late in life. Even if you're a millennial it can be tough because technology is growing and changing so rapidly.

If you're a realtor and  free Friday, April 21st, we encourage you to register and join this event! Royal Palm Coast Realtor Association is hosting TechSummit2017. This could be HUGE for your real estate business! Learn tips and ways to use technology to your advantage.



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Here, at The New Home Spot, we pride ourselves in giving our Realtors the knowledge and resources they need to be able to better serve you. After working with our Realtors, you will understand, fully, all the options available including existing homes, spec built homes, new construction homes, and custom homes. It has shown, with all the success our Realtors have experienced, that the training we provide, is beneficial. In just ten days, Eva Burd put four families into a new home! Charlie had another closing this week, as well as, our Florida Keys location putting two Attached Villas under contract. Our team is killing it and we couldn't be more proud! Thank you, The New Home Spot Team, for all the hard work you put in. 

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The New Home Spot would like to welcome Rozlin Levasseur to our growing team of realtors in our East Coast Office!

"Let me introduce myself. My name is Rozlin Levasseur, and I have resided on both coasts, including California and Florida, giving me a solid background for how properties are buying and selling and what's available country-wide. I have extensive management experience, which contributes to my organized and timely way of conducting business, and my degree and experience in Nursing contributes to my philosophy of always "doing the right thing" for my clients and patient's without hesitation. I had the pleasure of serving many real estate clients several times-as they re-invest in properties for a secure future. I rely on word of mouth for…

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The New Home Spot would like to welcome the newest addition to our growing team of realtors Yari Dominguez. Yari has been president of a remodel & custom tile company for 8 years. She has worked with designers, investors, and individual homeowners which gives her an inside look at market trends, product knowledge, and an inside on what people want in Southwest Florida.

"I am very excited to venture into a different side of the real estate market. I am looking forward to helping you find your dream home, sell your home or find a great investment property! Persistence, honesty and being reliable is what you can expect from me as your agent. I am also trilingual (English, Spanish, and American Sign Language)"

Feel free to contact her at 239-822-5303…

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