There are so many realtors out there in the world. There are so many realtors out there in your AREA. So the big questions is, how do you find the right one? How can you sift through the hundreds upon hundreds of realtors that claim to have your interest at the foreground?

Let me tell you something about what I've learned since I've been working in the real estate world. Realtors are business people. So, yes, they care about numbers and money. Who can honestly say that they don't? You'd be lying if you did. The cats out of the bag, people. Realtors do care about getting paid, but that's not the only part to them. Realtors put a lot of time and effort in to finding you the perfect home/rental/investment, or selling your beloved home.

It's often forgotten that, more times than not, realtors picked this job because they like to help people. You read any of of their biographies and I guarantee you there is something in there saying they love helping others in some way, shape, or form. Here's the big secret: They truly care! Now I can only speak for the realtors I work with because I hear them talk to each other every day. I can speak on their behalf because I hear them help each other. Suggesting neighborhoods that their teammate's clients might like even though they aren't getting anything out of the deal. That's right. I said it. They help even when they're not getting anything out of the deal. I think the part of what makes The New Home Spot so successful is that we have the best combination of realtor possible. We hire agents with great customer service, and the train them so they have the best knowledge of real estate and area. It's not enough to have just one or the other. You need both to be fully successful. Our agents are full time here at The New Home Spot. Meaning, our agents know what they're doing. This isn't a hobby or just or fun. This is their career. One that they are passionate about and knowledgeable in. 

We know our team can give you the best outcome when it comes time to selling your home. But we are also aware that you must find that out for yourself. 

To help you find a realtor that works for you, here are some questions to ask when interviewing them to list your home. 

1. "What is your experience?"- What listings have they had in the past? How well do they know the area?

2. "What efforts do you do as far as marketing the property?"- How do they plan to get people to see the home and know it's for sale? This is important. If people don't know it's for sale, how can they buy it?

3. "How often can I expect to hear from you?" - You need to make sure the agent and the seller will have sufficient communication. 

4. "Are you connected with a superior quality lender?"- Someone who has relationships with quality lenders has an understanding of finances and will be able to help you obtain a loan that doesn't fall through. 

We encourage you to shop our agents. Find one that's right for you!

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