The most successful Realtors always have multiple clients at one time.  Let's all agree that juggling 10 clients can be difficult if you aren't properly handling your time  and don't have habits set in place. Being a great Realtor takes time. And time is money. So how can you maximize your productivity to make sure you stay on top of things? 

Here are some great tips to get you started. 

1. Go digital. 

       Technology is your friend. There are so many great apps and calendars and tools out there to help you manage your time. A great         one is E-Sign. For the times that you can't meet your client face-to-face, E-sign can be your best friend. The digital world is here             to help you, not to hurt you. Take advantage of all the time saving tools it has to offer. 

2. Delegate.

       You'll find that many highly successful Realtors have assistants. Maybe you're not there yet, but it's okay to ask for help.                           Whether this is a CRM or a team member that you hired, you'll find that delegating the less important tasks will save you time               and help your business in the long run. 

3. Set Expectations.

       Miscommunications lead to delays. It's important to make sure you set the expectation of your client and yourself, first. Pro tip:           Before you set out to take clients to look at homes, make a list for them look at on paper, and have them decide on a set number           that they'd really love to see. Then from there, organize them in a circle from a starting point, like your office, and back to the               starting point. This will cut down on drive time and unnecessary stops. 


People are creatures of habit. Even Realtors. Start making habits that will increase your time and ultimately increase your productivity! 


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