What You Learn When Moving to Florida

When I told my friends and family I was moving to Florida I heard the same two things over and over. "Beware of alligators" and "Lucky, you'll get to go to the beach every day!" I've been living in Florida close to three years now and I have yet to see an alligator in the wild, and I far from go to the beach every day. But I have learned a few things along the way that I would have never expected to have had to learn. 

1. 78 degrees is perfect.

Up North, during Summer, everyone kept their thermostats set to 72 degrees. Even then sometimes you'd sneak past your mom and crank the AC to 68. In Florida, it's HOT. And I mean hot. So walking from 500 degrees F outside, to a non-muggy, 78 degree home, it feels pretty darn satisfying if you ask me. Any lower than 75 and you'll freeze. Don't believe me? Just wait until your body gets acclimated to the weather. You'll see what I'm talking about. 

2. Bugs...everywhere.

I've hiked, I've hunted, and I've camped. It's safe to say I've been exposed to some nature, but I have never seen anything like the bugs here in Florida. Florida bugs are hardcore. They're huge and they have wings and they somehow always end up in your house. When you think of Florida you think beaches, Disney world, and gators. No one tells you love bugs will cover your trees like leaves, or that little lizards will scurry through your backyard instead of squirrels, or that frogs will wait for you by your front door at night. 

3. Lawn care is on a whole other level.

I used to think people only got lawn care service because they could afford it and just didn't want to mow their own lawn. No. Not in Florida. Unless you have hours to commit to pulling weeds, trimming hedges, and mowing grass, you pretty much need the help. Everything grows so fast here! The warmth of the sun and the over abundance of rain make it nearly impossible to have a good looking, landscaped yard without professional help. We wish for winter to come for the sheer fact that mowing the lawn isn't an every other day occurrence. 

4. "Be on time" is a phrase that doesn't exist.

Have you ever heard the phrase "If you're on time you're late"? Well basically in Florida I've come to find that its the opposite: if you're late you're on time.

5. "Season" means something completely different than just the change of weather.

We moved to Florida in the Summer, or in South Florida, out of season. I remember hearing people say "Oh just wait 'til season." I had no idea what they meant until season came. The snowbirds flood the state and you can no longer go out to eat without a reservation. Getting from point A to point B takes 30 minutes longer and you can kiss your normal blood pressure levels goodbye. 

6. Publix.

Who would I be if I left out the pure heavenly joy we know here in Florida as Publix. This is more than a grocery store. This is a place where you can get ready-to-go hot and cold food cheaper than a drive through and better tasting than a restaurant. This is a place where you get the Publix Sub: THE official food for beach days, or days out on the boat, or really any day ending in "Y".  Publix is the only place you can end up going in for a bundle of bananas and walk out with a basket full of 20 different cheeses and vegetables you've never heard of before. It's truly the  place where "shopping is a pleasure".    


Moving to Florida is well worth it , though. For the 80 degree weather more than half  the year and the beach being right next to you, it's worth the few differences along the way. Once you get here you'll love it and eventually end up convincing everyone you know to move down here too. 

Comment below if I missed anything that you learned when you moved down to Florida! 

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