E-mail Response Templates for Every Real Estate Client Type

As Realtors, you deal with all type of clients. You have buyers, sellers, investors, etc. Sometimes things go awry and whether it's your fault or not, dealing with an upset client can be difficult. A lot of times when you get that e-mail you don't know how to respond appropriately so it can be beneficial to have some templates set in place for when the time comes. 

Here are some e-mail templates we think you can benefit from having, but remember to change them up to fit your personality and the client. Personalization is key when sending an e-mail, especially now, when people are getting bombarded with marketing e-mails daily. The last thing you want to do is to sound scripted. 


The Upset, Discouraged Client Response:

Good morning Mary,

I'm really sorry that we (show that you are a team) lost 123 SW Main St. to a different buyer. (Acknowledge their pain) I know how much you loved that home. 

As we had discussed earlier, this is a strong sellers market which only  increases the competition for each home. (State the logic behind the issue) But don't worry, we're going to find you that perfect home! 

What I'm going to do is pull a list of potential un-listed buyers from Zillow and run a query on all of our "For Sale By Owners" in the area. Also, I will send an e-mail to my entire company alerting them to what you are looking for so that if they have a home that fits your needs, we will be the first to know before it hits the market. (Go above and beyond for them so they feel taken care of and hopeful) 

In the meantime, if you and Joseph stumble across any homes that you want to take a look at, let me know and I will set up a time to see it right away. The faster we can work, the better! 

I will be sending you a new list of potential homes shortly!

I'm in your corner. 

Talk to you soon,

Joe Shmo 


When You've Messed Up: 

Good morning Mary,

I wanted to apologize for dropping the ball. We always strive for the highest level of accuracy in all of our transactions. Unfortunately, this time, we have not reached the level we expect. We care deeply about the experiences of each and every one of our clients with us and I want to make sure you know that you are no exception. 

I've gone ahead and pushed that missed paperwork through. (make sure they know that you have fixed the issue) I'm also looking in to exactly what went wrong so that it won't happen again. 

The paperwork should be approved shortly and everything will be wrapped up shortly! Next time I see you, dinner is one me! (offer them something, gift card, drinks, coffee, etc) 

I look forward to see you soon,

Joe Shmo 


When Your Seller Expects The House To Have Already Been Sold:

Good morning, Mary!

I completely understand wanting to sell your house as soon as possible! I agree, I want it to sell quickly too. I know it can be difficult to keep your home in showroom shape 24/7 but you've been doing an amazing job. 

Here are a few things I'm going to do to make sure we can get this house moved:

-Feature your home on Facebook Ads for top exposure 

-Make sure all the Realtors in my office know about your property so they can show it to their buyers

-Host Open Houses 

The offer we get is going to make this all worth it. 

I look forward to talking to you soon,

Joe Shmo


Re-engagement With a Distancing Client:

Good morning, Mary!

I know you had been looking at houses earlier in the year. I haven't heard from you in a while but I wanted to invite you to my Open House this weekend that I'm hosting at 123 SW Main St, Saturday from Noon-4pm. It's got 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, what you were looking for, and is located in the perfect part of town for your daily commutes. 

I would love to see you there! 

Hope to see you soon,

Joe Shmo

P.S. How'd that project at your work turn out?  (This is the most important part. You are wanting to re-engage your client so even if they don't come to your open house, the key is to get them to re-engage and reply to this question.) 


Buyers That Want To See Every Home In Town:

Good morning, Mary! 

I am reviewing the list of homes you and Joseph prepared for me to show you and think we can narrow it down. I have been out in the community showing homes and have a good idea of the homes you and your husband will love. If it's okay with you both, I'd like to start by showing you 6 homes. I have found a list of homes that I think you'd like but want to start by showing you three that I think you'd love and then we can see the top three from your list as well. 

The reality of it is is that if we view too many homes, all of them will start to blend together and it will become hard to remember the pros and cons of each. If by 6 homes you still haven't found the one, we can sit down and talk again about what you are truly looking for and then go back out and look at more homes. 

Does this work for you? 

I'm looking forward to taking you both out house shopping!

See you soon,

Joe Shmo 

Smooth Sailing

Once you get your templates established it will make your job easier. You know exactly how you want to respond without being clouded by stress and annoyance. You will be able to save time and respond with ease. And remember, personalization is key so don't forget to edit these templates to make them your own! It's smooth sailing from here. 

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