Life Hacks: Moving Day Edition

If you've ever moved, you likely know what a big cluster it can easily become. Here are some tips to save you time and make you think "wow, why didn't I ever think of that?".  

1. Pack an overnight bag. Before you start packing anything, pack the things you know you are going to need. Include a change of clothes, phone and laptop chargers, any personal care items, and maybe a snack or two. 

2. Categorize your clothes for easy finding and unpacking. 

3. Use trash bags for packing clothes. Keep the clothes on the hangers and open the trash bag around the clothes, letting the hangers stick out at the top of the bag, while the clothes hang inside of it. Wrap the draw strings round the hangers to keep it all in place. This is the fastest, easiest way to pack and unpack hanging clothes. You're welcome. 

4. Label Everything. Any box that is packed, make sure you label which room it goes in. 

5. Pack breakables inside sheets, clothes, and socks. Save the bubble wrap and create some extra padding with blankets, clothes, and other soft things. 

6. Pack pillows & blankets in a vacuum sealed bag. Save room in the moving truck by condensing fluffy items into a vacuum sealed bag.  

7. Pack sharp knifes inside of oven mitts to save you from injury. 

8. Make cut-outs to create handles in your boxes.

9. To keep toiletries and liquids from leaking, place plastic wrap over the top and screw the lid on over it. 

10. Keep any drawer/container intact with plastic wrap. Save your silverware organizer, displayed jewelry, drawers and more!


Those are our top favorite moving hacks to keep things efficient, but remember to take a break every now and again. Moving can be exhausting! 

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