How to Make Any Small Space Feel Larger

Sometimes what you can afford isn't always as spacious as you had hoped. However, there are some simple tricks to turn that small space into a place that feels much larger than reality. Here's how. 

1. Ditch the Curtains. 

By removing the curtains, it will create depth within the room and give it a much larger feel. 

2. Use Mirrors and Glass. 

Strategically place mirrors around the space creating the illusion of a deeper area. Also, by using glass tables and furniture, you keep the eye from blocking off parts of the room. 

3. Decorating with Monochromatic Pallets

When you decorate with different shades of the same color it creates a visual coherence that aids in the space feeling more open. Consider matching a rug to the throw pillow and wall art.

4. Paint with Light Colors.

Avoid using any dark paint in the small space. The darker the color, the more closed off the area will feel.  

5. Draw the Eye to the Ceiling. 

By forcing the eye to travel from the floor to the ceiling, it will automatically feel larger than reality. There are different ways you can accomplish this. Paint the ceiling or use wallpaper. Another option is to place shelving towards the top of the wall to drag the eye upward. Not only will you be creating the illusion of room length, you will also have an extra space for storage! It's a win-win!

6. Use the Cantaloupe Rule.

According to interior designers, the smaller the space does not mean the smaller your accents need to be. If it is any smaller than a cantaloupe, it will actually make the home feel cluttered. Stick to larger vases and sculptures instead and be amazed by how much room it feels like you have. 




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