You Need More Than Motivation Alone

I want to get a little personal with you today. I want to know your “why”. Why are you a realtor? What drives you? What makes you get up every morning and follow up with those leads, and make new contacts?

Do you have your why? Write it down as a reference for yourself.

Ok, now that you have your why, what is your goal? Do you have one?

I want to ask you something: what are you doing to reach your goal?


We’ve all got goals that we want to achieve in our business and for most of us the path starts by setting a goal. I want to challenge your way of thinking. I’ve realized that when it comes to getting things done and actually making progress in your business, there’s a much better way of going about things.  

I want to define the difference between goals and systems because this is what sets professionals and amateurs apart.  

As a realtor, your goal is to sell millions of dollars in real estate. Your system is your sales and marketing process.

So think about this. If you ignored your goals and focused only on your system would you still get results?

If you ignored the goal of selling five houses a month and focused only on what your system was each day, calling leads and following up with people, would you still get results?

I think so.


Let’s go over some key thoughts:

  1. Commit to a process, not a goal. When you focus on the practice instead of the performance, you can enjoy the present moment and improve at the same time. It reduces the burden of reaching a goal and shifts the focus on the daily process.
  2. Release the need for immediate results. Don’t think of it as something you need to achieve right now. With a system-based mentality it’s about sticking to the process. If you stick to the system, working leads and continuing to make contacts, you’ll make more money in the long–run.
  3. Check your results so you know what processes to tweak. This helps you keep track of different pieces without feeling like you have to predict what is going to happen. We can’t predict the future but we can build a system that will let you know when you need to make adjustments.


This is in no way saying goals aren’t useful. However, I’ve found that goals are good for planning for your progress and systems are what you need to actually make progress.


Start building your systems. If you create a solid routine you WILL see results. Set your goals so you can reward yourself, but make sure you have a process of reaching those goals.

And whenever you are feeling unmotivated, pull out that paper that has your why on it. Then get back to work.

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