Things you need to know or consider when buying a home. 

Tips To Keep your Home Clean With Dogs

Written by Stefanie Gruber

Dogs are a man's best friend, but the mess they bring into your home? Not so much. Learn how you can have a clean house and a lovable pup at the end of each day. Here are 6 tips to get the best of both worlds.

1. Groom regularly.

Keep more fur off your  floors and furniture by brushing your dog on a regular schedule. Ideally, this would be a few times a week. Eliminate even more clean up by brushing out your pup outside when possible. 

2. Sweep floors in high traffic areas with a microfiber cloth broom each day. 

The microfiber cloth will grab onto fur and dirt alike and can be reused. it's also a quick and simple habit to develop and one you can easily delegate as a…

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The Housing Market for Summer 2018

Thinking about buying or selling your home but you're not sure what the housing market is doing? Let's dive right into what's going on in the housing market for Summer 2018. More and more people are looking to buy homes as we see growth in the lower end of the market place. Couple things we are seeing; there aren't enough sellers to let those demands, mortgage rates are still on the rise, and higher end buyers have more inventory to choose from. All these things make it an interesting market for both the buyers and sellers. 

Inventory has grown 3.3% yet that doesn't include start homes, according to Trulia. "Starter homes have dropped to their lowest levels since 2012. What's available is expensive."…

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Where to Buy a Real Estate Investment That Doubles as a Vacation Home 


Anglers at Sombrero is our number one favorite place when it comes to getting the win-win in terms of both an investment property and a vacation home in one. Anglers at Sombrero is a new construction project in Marathon, FL that's filled with a mixture of Villas and Single Family Homes of different sizes. Right down the road is the world renowned Sombrero Beach, making it the perfect location for tourists to stay. 

The city of Marathon allows home owners to rent out their homes weekly, meaning you have the chance to own a home that pays for itself! Being that these homes are new construction, have private boat docks, and are located near the beach, they are a hot…

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How to Make Any Small Space Feel Larger

Sometimes what you can afford isn't always as spacious as you had hoped. However, there are some simple tricks to turn that small space into a place that feels much larger than reality. Here's how. 

1. Ditch the Curtains. 

By removing the curtains, it will create depth within the room and give it a much larger feel. 

2. Use Mirrors and Glass. 

Strategically place mirrors around the space creating the illusion of a deeper area. Also, by using glass tables and furniture, you keep the eye from blocking off parts of the room. 

3. Decorating with Monochromatic Pallets

When you decorate with different shades of the same color it creates a visual coherence that aids in the space feeling more open.…

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Must Have Supplies Before Your Big Move

After you accept an offer on your house, it may be only a few weeks before you have to pack up your belonging and move. And if you know exactly which packing supplies to pick, you should have no trouble getting ready to relocate to a new address. Ultimately, there are several must-have packing supplies to pick up before an upcoming move, and these include: 

1. Boxes of Varying Sizes

Transporting items of different sizes can be difficult. Fortunately, there are many quick, easy ways to find moving boxes of varying sizes. Typically, you can buy moving boxes at any home improvement or hardware store. Depending on how much you own, you may need to pick up tiny, small, medium, and large moving boxes in a…

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Find A Realtor The Right Way

Realtors are very important when it comes to finding your dream home, however, they are not all created equally. Most people don't continue interviewing after their first interaction with a realtor but that isn't always the best idea. Your time is important and by not choosing the right realtor, you could be costing yourself more time than you realize. Here are some questions that will help you find the right realtor for your needs. 

1. What is your schedule and availability? 

A lot of agents work part time and as a result of that they have trouble working around your schedule. This can cause bigger issues when it comes to the fast paced movement of the market today. What if your dream home is also 10 other…

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Life Hacks: Moving Day Edition

If you've ever moved, you likely know what a big cluster it can easily become. Here are some tips to save you time and make you think "wow, why didn't I ever think of that?".  

1. Pack an overnight bag. Before you start packing anything, pack the things you know you are going to need. Include a change of clothes, phone and laptop chargers, any personal care items, and maybe a snack or two. 

2. Categorize your clothes for easy finding and unpacking. 

3. Use trash bags for packing clothes. Keep the clothes on the hangers and open the trash bag around the clothes, letting the hangers stick out at the top of the bag, while the clothes hang inside of it. Wrap the draw strings round the hangers to keep it all in…

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The Comeback of the Trailer.

For centuries, trailer parks have been looked upon as nothing more than an undesirable place to live. It's been labeled as where the poor, crime, drugs, and violence lurk, whether this is actually true or not. But as the housing affordability gap continues to broaden and the middle class continues to shrink, trailers are becoming increasingly popular.   Investors have started to catch on to this trend and are welcoming the thought of re-branding the trailer park with open arms. Instead of "trailer parks"---"mobile home communities". Investors are snatching the old parks up and remodeling them into attractive communities again.    

The larger idea is to purchase old run down trailer parks and build them up into…

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House Fires Spread 600% Faster Than 40 Years Ago. This Gadget Might be the Key to Stopping Yours From Going up in Flames.

We love the newest gadgets that pop up but this one in particular could just save your life. According to the National Institute of Standards and Technology, house fires actually spread 600% faster today than they did 40 years prior. Can you believe that? It's true. Due to the materials we make the homes out of and our furniture, homes are at a higher risk than ever before of going up in flames. 

Introducing, Life Door. Life Door is a gadget that you attach to the hinge of your door. When the sound of a fire alarm goes off it actually triggers the gadget and it will automatically shut your door. You might think this sounds crazy.…

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Getting Approved for a Mortgage

Finding the ideal home can (and should be!) exciting for most people. However, many make a premature leap into property searching before taking the first and most important step in the home buying process: mortgage pre-qualification. Unless you plan to bring all cash to the closing table, the very first thing you should do, prior to spending hours browsing homes, is to find out if you’re qualified for a mortgage and for how much.

There are few things more disappointing than setting your sight on the perfect property only to later learn that it’s not in your budget. This is why it’s essential to get in contact with a reputable loan officer than can assist with the pre-qualification process of a loan. (Not sure…

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